Tesla Model X P90D versus a Bentley Bentayga

 In our opinion, the Tesla Model X is definitely the pick between these two SUV's on all levels. 

Not only does the Tesla Model X cost less it has better performance and is more technology advanced due to the falcon wing rear doors and the autopilot functionality. 

If being recognized for being on the A-List and having a post code that will make people notice you then the Bentley will always beat the Tesla.

The Tesla Model X is also known as being the safest SUV on the planet so if the reason why you're in the market for an SUV is because you have kids then the Tesla will keep your precious passengers safe if there are any unexpected emergencies.

In terms of storage then it has been well documented that because the Tesla doesn't have an engine under the bonnet that you will have extra storage for the family in both the front and back of the car.

Due to the Tesla being an electric car the servicing is very affordable where the Bentley will cost you an arm and a leg just because you're buying into a high-end major brand.

One of the major points that really make these SUV's different is that the Tesla is run on software which is always being developed so it will keep getting improved with more features and enhancements that is updated wirelessly over the internet where with the Bentley you're stuck with what you get.

Obviously, Sydney Eleanor Hire is biased because we have bought a Tesla Model X 90D so we do recommend you looking at both SUV's if you're in the market and can afford the kind of money that they sell for but we believe the Bentley Bentayga is the second best SUV in the world now that the Tesla Model X has been released.

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