Tesla Stock Soars Pushing Market Value Past Ford


So we are definitely Tesla and Ford fans considering we have 3 x Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor's and now a Tesla Model X 90D but what we find amusing is that Tesla doesn't sell anywhere near the amount of cars that Ford does but here we are and now Tesla is worth more.

It goes to show that even with the price of a Tesla that interest in electric cars is definitely growing and that the signs of petrol powered cars becoming a dying breed that we are going to witness some major changes to the industry over the next 10-20yrs.

Since we love our muscle cars what worries us is what will people like us do as the market moves from petrol to electric and will there be a future for our Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor's in the next 20yrs? Whatever happens, it looks like we will have to enjoy them while we still can.

Another thing that is on our mind is that with companies like Tesla developing features such as autopilot will driving cars become a thing of the past since it's clearly safer if software drive cars rather than people and could the laws be changed at some stage to make it against the law for people to manually drive the vehicle due to reducing the death toll on our roads?

We are interested to hear your opinion so please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts.


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