Tesla Model X P90D Review by CarsGuide


What a great in-depth review of the Tesla Model X P90D that pretty much gives you a complete overview as to why we bought one for our fleet to do jobs such as Weddings, School Formals, Airport Transfers, Birthdays and Anniversaries.

We believe that the car was fast enough without the performance package for the work we are doing so we opted for the Fully Optioned Tesla Model X 90D and it still cost us $223,000 but was worth every penny in our opinion because it was considered an investment for our valuable customers. 

For our weddings, all our customers are inquiring about our three Shelby GT500 Eleanor's and they will genuinely ask if we have any other cars and Limousines is one of the top requests we have so the Tesla Model X 90D is what we plan to offer those customers if they only have 6 passengers.

For our transfers to and from Sydney Domestic and International Airport we thought the Tesla Model X 90D is the perfect vehicle because it qualifies for Uber Black, Luxury and SUV if you choose the 7 seater configuration and with all the storage room in the front and the back for our customers bags and luggage there is no other car quite like the Tesla Model X.

Basically, how could you argue about a Tesla Model X ticking all the boxes for what we need it for to satisfy our valuable customer's needs for their Weddings and Airport Transfer requirements?

Our new Tesla Model X 90D; so what do you think?

Tesla Model X 90D


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