Tesla Model S P85D Drag Races a V8 Supercar and Walkinshaw HSV GTS


Since Sydney Eleanor Hire are muscle car enthusiasts at heart considering we have three Shelby GT500 Eleanor's it has come as a surprise to a number of people that we could be interested in Tesla Model X and Model S electric vehicles.

The Shelby GT500 Eleanor's and the Tesla Model X and Model S are worlds apart and are completely different in terms of one having a big petrol powered V8 engine and the other having battery powered engines in both the front and back of the car.

The Tesla Model S being battery powered has that much torque that even a Walkinshaw HSV GTS or Supercheap V8 Supercar don't stand a chance when going head to head in a drag race against a Tesla.

I think it's worth noting that the Tesla Model S P85D with Insane Mode is not the top of the range Tesla and is still quite easily beating the Supercheap V8 Supercar and Walkinshaw HSV GTS so could you imagine what the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous would do to them considering it is now regarded as the fastest production car on the planet.

So here is the big question we have for all you enthusiasts out there would you prefer a car that isn't as fast that sounds great or would you go for a car with no engine noise that is twice as fast because Sydney Eleanor Hire has decided that we like the sound of both choices.


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