Tesla AutoPilot Overview


Tesla AutoPilot has always been great but now we are heading towards the second release of the software which has fully autonomous capabilities. With all the latest Tesla Model X and Model S cars being sold with fully autonomous hardware, one would think it will only be a matter of time before all the new cars will have this technology and manually driving cars might just become a luxury of the past due to safety reasons.

Basically, once you have driven a Tesla electric car with autopilot and you realize that you could be doing more important things in the car. You will soon work out that your time can be better spent doing something else other than manually driving getting frustrated with other drivers on the road.

Imagine what it would be like getting into your car and using your computer while the car drives you where you need to go. Productivity in business would increase because how many hours per year are staff driving instead of working.

It would be hard to think that if the car is in full control of our transport then would this mean we could see a future where we could enjoy a beer or a glass of wine like we can on a plane?

In the current version of the autopilot software, the navigation system isn't integrated so it's impossible on the current version for the car to drive you from your pick up location to where you are going without the driver in control of the vehicle at certain points during the trip.

In the second version of the software for it to be fully autonomous, one would think that the navigation and autopilot should be talking to each other so all the driver will need to do is tell the software where we need to go.

While the driver is in control of the car people will always have an interest in the performance and handling capabilities so another thought is if the software is in control will there be a need for different engine sizes and performance levels once the software has taken over because maybe in car entertainment is where the future is headed.

Having the car drive you with the autopilot on while you're in traffic is fantastic because it gives you the luxury of using your phone so it will definitely make going home from work more enjoyable with more and more cars on the roads each year due to our growing population.

This has to be one of the major new features of a Tesla and we think it's a fabulous feature that will make our transport needs far more productive and enjoyable.

Really hoping to hear what you think of autopilot and what it could mean for the future?


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