17inch Tesla Computer Touchscreen Display Overview


One of the major features we like about the Tesla Model X and Model S electric cars is the 17inch Touchscreen Computer Display that literally controls the entire car.

The Tesla Model X and Model S cars are powered by software with all updates done over the internet which means that the car is always improved with new features through the latest Tesla updates.

Since every Tesla Model X and Model S come with a free 3G internet connection so the cars can receive all the updates from Tesla for their software they give each car a Premium Spotify account so you can listen to any music you like which you control through the 17inch Touchscreen Computer Display.

Tesla recognizes that each car can have multiple drivers so each driver can customize their own profile to the way they like the seat positioned, air conditioning and to connect their smartphone.

The 17inch Touchscreen Computer Display really does take navigation with Google Maps to a whole new level so you will never need a Smartphone, TomTom or Navman ever again and you don't really know how great it is until you get into another car because it just isn't the same.

Depending on the software features you buy from Tesla will determine whether you can adjust the air suspension, performance enhancements such as Insane and Ludicrous Mode and Auto Pilot Functionality.

The technology that goes into every Tesla Model X and Model S is unbelievable and it's what separates them from other car manufacturers and what has them known as market leaders and innovators that are changing the industry forever.

We honestly believe that we are now at a point in time where cars are going through major changes and over the coming years it will be interesting to see where we end up with autonomous driving capabilities.

If you have any questions about Tesla Model X and Model S then we know them well and can help you with any inquiries you have.


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